There are No Problems, Only Solutions!

Financial and Operational Consulting Services

More than JUST Bookkeeping

Still Waters can handle your regular bookkeeping needs including monthly reconciliations, reporting and communications with your CPA, while providing full support and transparent information to you to assist in decision making for your business.

Business Management

Still Waters offers a full range of services to assist with the administrative side of managing your business.

Operational Analysis

Labor and Inventory analysis are key pieces of successfully managing your business. Still Waters would be happy to help analyze your structure and provide suggestions on a full range of operational functions.

What we Do

Additional Services Offered

  • Review/advise with regard to financial statements
  • Communications with CPA for tax filing and clarifying questions
  • Preparation of financial packages for investors and banks
  • Business Management and Advising
  • Payroll, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable
  • Human Resources
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Inventory and/or Labor Controls and Analysis
  • Efficiency Audits
  • Software Conversion support

We are not certified tax professionals which gives us the ability to provide these services at a lower cost.

Belief Statement

There are no problems, only solutions to resolve issues in a positive and insightful manner.

Mission Statement

A consistent sentiment among small and fast-growing business owners is that they are drowning or in over their heads on the financial and analytical side of their business. The goal is to assist you find Still Waters by offering a multitude of value added financial and analytical services at a low cost. Serving to assist in clear information gathering, guidance on decision making and decades of experience applied to your business in order to increase efficiencies, effectiveness and ultimately your bottom line.

Value Statement

With a servant heart, and integrity built into the fibers one can achieve fulfilling success.

What Our Customers Say

“Jessica, with Still Waters, very quickly analyzed the financials for my Real Estate business and got everything in order. She went over exactly what she needed from me and set up a system moving forward to track my expenses/income. She is extremely organized and knowledgeable. Thanks to her I no longer dread tax season. I highly recommend Still Waters for any bookkeeping or business financial needs!”
Marissa D.

Delaney Properties Group

“I was in desperate need of a new book keeper after my previous one was doing a terrible job. Once I figured out what a mess I had, I knew I needed to find a reliable person I could trust and someone that I was confident could correct my books the right way. As it turns out, Jessica with Still Waters was just that person. If you are looking for a kind yet transparent individual who has the experience to do everything from fixing years of problems to simply a monthly book keeper, Jessica is your person. As a business owner I do not have to worry about book keeping as I know Jessica has got it covered with her exceptional skill set. It’s a pleasure to get to do business with Still Waters.”

Brandon A.

Phoenix Landscape Solutions

“Still Water Solutions is your one stop shop for all your accounting needs. They do a phenomenal job and keep everything organized keeping headaches and tax pirates away. I would highly recommend their services for your everyday as well as business needs. Honest people and great pricing 100%.”

Jeremiah W.

Defender Homes, LLC

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